Longitude is a nautical company dedicated since 2008 to the training of recreational sailors and, more recently, to nautical tourism.

It’s a recreational navigation school accredited by the DGRM – Direção-Geral dos Recursos e Segurança Marítima, under the authority of the Secretary of State for the Sea, for obtaining legal qualifications for the command and management of recreational boats.

Longitude teaches courses for Junior Seaman, Basic Skipper, Local Skipper, Coastal Skipper, and Offshore Skipper.

The theoretical classes take place in modern facilities located in the center of Setúbal, near Doca dos Pescadores, and the practical ones, on the Sado river.

Longitude is also a company dedicated to nautical tourism and, incidentally, offers sailing courses for adults. It is accredited by the Tourism of Portugal for maritime-tourism activity with the RNAAT nº 690/2019.

Longitude is extremely concerned with the preservation of the environment and with sustainability, and has responsible nature tourism in its portfolio of activities. It is accredited by the ICNF – Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests for whale watching, with authorization number AOC/04/2023.

Our mission is to bring people closer to the sea, particularly in its dimension of adventure, freedom, and enjoyment for the senses, as well as to instill respect for nature, seeking to harmonize recreational activities and sustainability.