Dolphin Watching




Embark in Setúbal at the maritime-tourist dock (south side of the dos Pescadores dock) or at the Marina beach. In the case of boarding at the Troia Marina, a fee of 25 euros will be charged.
The meeting point in Setúbal is at the Longitude office, at Rua Praia da Saúde, nº 11-A, 2900-572 Setúbal (main entrance at the opposite side of the building, in front of the river).  The boat is on a pier just 5 minutes walking distance from the office.

Description of the activity: We will try to find out the Dolphins, which are wild animals and can be anywhere.The activity consists in watching dolphins in their natural habitat, but not disturbing them.
In addition to the community of dolphins, we find on the Troia peninsula and on the Arrábida coast beaches and small islands of fine white sand, in a sea that is sometimes turquoise blue, that arouse us for a swim.

Species observed: Bottlenose dolphin or common dolphin.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Vessel used: semi-rigid BORA, with a capacity to carry 18 passengers + 2 crew members.

Price per person (VAT included): up to 6 passenger 200€; from 7 to 10 passenger 350€; from 11 to 16 passenger 500€.

Other programs: under consultation.

Check-in: at the office, 10 minutes before departure
Rua Praia da Saúde nº 11-A, 2900-572 Setúbal
(the building has two sides; the main entrance is in front of the river)
38° 31,239′ N | 008° 53,807′ W


  • In case of bad weather, engine failure or crew member sickness, the company may cancel the event and a full refund will be given.
  • This activity is forbidden to pregnant women, and is not recommended for people with serious back problems.
  • In cancellations with less than 24 hours the no-show invalidates the refund.
  • Dolphins are wild and unpredictable animals, so the company does not guarantee 100% an encounter with these mammals. In this case, the customer will be given a voucher to repeat the experience.

More Information

  • Tel. 910 159 385 (if you don’t answer, call 926 403 711)

Tour Operator registered at Turismo de Portugal

  • RNAAT No. 690/2019

ICNF authorization for dolphin watching

  • AOC/04/2023