The contingency and prevention measures adopted by Longitude are communicated to all its trainees, employees, customers, suppliers and partners, through the website and have been posted in a visible place on its premises.

All trainers and employees are duly informed of their responsibilities inherent in the rigorous implementation of the prevention plan adopted by the company, in the context of the performance of their duties.

In particular:

  • Contingency Plan in case of SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19);
  • The company adopts prevention, control and surveillance procedures in accordance with DGS standards;
  • Contact with infected persons;
  • Travel to countries with active community transmission;
  • Employees with a recent history of travel to areas with active community transmission or who have had confirmed or probable contact with subjects infected with Covid-19 should, in addition to general prevention measures, immediately communicate with the Health 24 line at 808 24 24 24 and inform the employer in a non-face-to-face manner;

List of risk groups:

  • Employees who belong to any of the risk groups must immediately report it to the company’s management, who must assess the appropriate measures to ensure their adequate protection;

Suspected infection:

  • In case of symptoms, such as: fever > 37.5 ° C; cough, difficulty breathing, the trainer or employee must immediately inform the person in charge of the company and remain or keep the suspected person isolated (with a surgical mask) and must follow the flowchart of procedures recommended by the DGS available at:


E-learning training

Longitude would like to prioritize e-learning training, but this is prohibited by the DGRM.

Face-to-face training

No more than 10 pupils may be in the classroom at the same time.


Internal meetings are preferably held by electronic means.


All forms of contact with trainees, clients, suppliers and partners at a distance are privileged: telephone, e-mail, Google Meet and other web platforms.

All information about Longitude courses and activities, including prices and other relevant information, as well as teaching materials, are available on;

Information on access and circulation is posted, with respect to health standards, such as distancing, ensuring 2 meters and the mandatory use of a mask;

Trainees, trainers, customers and suppliers will be informed of the safety instructions they must respect, as well as the need to safeguard the minimum social distance of 2 meters and the mandatory use of a protective mask. Disinfectant gel will also be made available to you via an automatic dispenser placed at the entrance to the premises;

There should be no physical contact between individuals, external and internal, with a minimum distance of 2 meters and the mandatory use of a protective mask, outside and inside, including on recreational boats;

In the classroom, trainees must sit at individual tables, occupying the same seat for all lessons, and may only get up to go to the toilet or leave the premises;

No more than 10 pupils may be in the classroom at the same time;

The use of a mask is mandatory in the facilities and on the boats;

Where possible, doors should be kept open to allow air renewal and to prevent infection through handles, and hand sanitizer should also be made available near the doors.


Because they are frequented and exposed to several people on a continuous basis, establishments can contribute to the indirect transmission of the virus. Although there is no scientific evidence to prove it, the virus can remain on surfaces for a period of time ranging from a few hours to 6 days, and frequent cleaning and disinfection of spaces considerably shortens this period.

Therefore, extra care is taken in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of the disease.



Before each class, desktops, chairs and door handles are cleaned with Bio Stop Clean, a solution that eliminates all pathogens in depth, with viricidal action.

The ATM terminal is cleaned with the same solution before each use.

The computer screen and keyboard, used only by the trainers, are cleaned frequently with cleaning wipes and Bio Stop solution.

The premises are cleaned and disinfected, including the toilet, at least three times a week using detergent, bleach and Bio Stop Clean solution.

Cleaning is always wet. It uses a vacuum cleaner with a water tank that collects dirt in the water, which is dumped and rinsed between each of the areas to be vacuumed.


Before each class, the boats are cleaned with the Bio Stop Clean product, which is a solution that eliminates all pathogens in depth, with viricidal action.


Hand hygiene (e.g. washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds) must be ensured for all persons attending Longitude facilities and vessels;

Before each lesson, either in the classroom or on the boats, the trainee and the trainer are required to sanitize their hands in an automatic 70% alcohol gel dispenser of the Gel Flow brand.


All individuals should follow respiratory etiquette procedures and avoid coughing or sneezing into hands; if necessary, cough or sneeze into forearm or sleeve, with forearm flexed or use tissue in a single use; disinfect hands after contact with any secretions;

All trainees and trainers of the Longitude school are required to wear a mask in the classroom and on boats.

Whenever the use of surgical masks is indicated, their correct use must comply with the following steps:

a) Hand hygiene, with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution, before putting on the mask;

b) Put on the surgical mask with the white side (inner face) facing the face, and the side with another color (outer face) facing out;

c) Fit the rigid end of the mask to the nose, covering the mouth, nose and chin with the mask, making sure there are no gaps between the face and the mask;

d) The mask should not be touched while in use; if this happens, hand hygiene should be performed immediately;

e) The mask should be replaced with a new one as soon as it becomes damp;

f) Single-use masks should not be reused;

g) Removal of the mask should be done from the back (not touching the front of the mask) by holding the ties or elastics;

h) The mask should be discarded into a waste container;

i) i) Hand sanitization should be performed again at the end of mask use.

In practical classes on recreational craft:

  1. The recommended distance should be maintained and the use of a mask is mandatory.
  2. The correct sanitization and disinfection of the vessels with the Bio Stop Clean solution is guaranteed before each departure;
  3. Each person boarding the vessel is required to sanitize their hands before getting on board.

The Direction of Longitude