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Longitude – Nautical and Nature Tourism

Rua Praia da Saúde nº 11-A, 2900-572 Setúbal
main entrance in front of Doca Pesca

38° 31.239′ N | 008° 53.807′ W

cruzeiros@longitude.pt or cursos@longitude.pt
(+351) 926 403 711 – (+351) 910 159 385 (mobile call)
(+351) 265 536 342

Office opening hours:
From Monday trough Friday, from 9h30m to 12h30m. On boat trainning days classes, from Monday to Friday, from 20h30m to 23h30m.
Alternatively, schedule your service by calling (+351) 910 159 385 (mobile network call).

RNAAT registration no. 690/2019 at Turismo de Portugal

Set sail at Longitude

Learn to navigate in the best water front in the country. Setubal Bay is internationally recognized as one of the thirty most beautiful bays in the world. Combining beauty and safety for nautical activities, it forms an almost closed estuary, of large dimensions, sheltered from the swell coming from the North quadrant.

Besides this, it is a very rich eco-system, where the bottlenose dolphin and the harbor porpoise, which are two sub-species of dolphins, stand out, as well as birds of rare beauty and grace, such as the cormorant, the turtle dove, the long-legged, the curlew, the curlew, the tailor, and the trumpeter duck, among others species.

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